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Every carrier strives to make sure that your package arrives on time and in good condition. However, certain mistakes can result in delays and incur additional charges. Therefore, here are the top five errors to avoid when shipping a package internationally.

1. Not paying attention to prohibited and restricted items

Every country lists items that it does not allow past its borders. It is critical to read through the country-specific regulations and restrictions before sending your parcel through an international courier. Failure to pay attention to them can incur you additional charges and delays in your shipment.

2. Failure to consider transit times

When sending time-sensitive goods, it is essential to factor in possible delays in customs clearance. It is recommended that you send such items a few days in advance to avoid disappointment.

3. Improper packaging

Unlike what most of us would like to imagine, your package will go through numerous stages of transit before reaching its destination. It is recommended that items heavier than 5kg are packaged in double-walled and sturdy cardboard boxes. Also, consider polystyrene or bubble wrap to provide extra cushioning for your items. Although damage during transit is rare, consult your courier company for secure packaging advice.

4. Unclear labelling

If you decide to print your own label, make sure that the barcode is clear. Ensure that your printer does not run out of ink and avoid drawing in your own barcode. A professional courier company can help you with that to prevent any mishaps.

5. Filling out customs paperwork inaccurately or not completing it at all

Paperwork gives the customs authority information about what you are shipping, the reason you are sending the package, and the value of each item. It makes it easier for them to determine how much import duty or taxes you need to pay, if any. Failure to fill out the forms may mean that the package will be stopped by customs, the delivery delayed, or the items sent back to you for a fee. A good courier company can easily generate customs documents for you to accurately fill in, print, sign, and attach to your parcel.

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